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Finally Making B2B Growth
Planning 100% Predictable

  • Quantify your growth strategy accurately
  • Start planning, executing, and tracking growth within days or weeks
  • Optimize budgets to maximize investment performance
  • Set clear, quantifiable KPIs for sales, marketing, and CS
  • Translate growth plans into compelling board-level materials
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Budget savings
Revenue goal hit rate
3-4 Weeks
Optimized growth plan launch


Accelerating Growth

Premonio’s experience, process and tools helped us develop a deeper understanding of our business and develop a plan to accelerate growth. Premonio is unlike any company I have worked with and we will leverage their offering.

Lon Baker COO at Virtual PBX

Predictive Bookings Model

I hired Premonio to develop a predictive bookings model in support of our company’s aggressive growth plans. The results were honestly above my expectation as within a 3-month period we were able to develop a working model.

Maxime Elbaz CCO - Bio-Optronics

Strategic Marketing

The Premonio team are amazing strategic marketers, with a unique ability to quickly identify inefficiencies in the sales process and then align marketing expenditure so that companies can achieve aggressive, yet realistic, sales goals.

Mark Willingham CEO / Cofounder at AGENT, Inc.

Pragmatic and Effective

Premonio is a breath of fresh air in the sense that their interventions are logical, precise, prescriptive, pragmatic, and on the mark. With a bias for action, they make work challenging and fun.

Mark Zawacki Founder of 650 Labs

Analytical Marketing

Premonio's founder, Johannes, is a one-of-a-kind marketer, with a very unique combination of skills, from deep analytical expertise to structured research methodologies to strategic planning to team building.

Leslie Olsen CMO at Fundbox

A System to Set Attainable Goals, Not Analyze the Past

Still waiting for slow, flawed analytics from last quarter to set your growth goals? Speed things up with a highly predictable, forward-looking approach.

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