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Finally Making B2B Growth
Planning 100% Predictable

  • Quantify your growth strategy accurately
  • Start planning, executing, and tracking growth within days or weeks
  • Optimize budgets to maximize investment performance
  • Set clear, quantifiable KPIs for sales, marketing, and CS
  • Translate growth plans into compelling board-level materials
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Budget savings
Revenue goal hit rate
3-4 Weeks
Optimized growth plan launch


Accelerating Growth

Premonio’s experience, process and tools helped us develop a deeper understanding of our business and develop a plan to accelerate growth. Premonio is unlike any company I have worked with and we will leverage their offering.

Lon Baker COO at Virtual PBX

Long-term Planning

We have been really pleased with the forecasts from Funnelcast. We use them in forecast meetings and reports to our board. It’s become the daily pulse of the health of our sales and marketing activities. The long-term planning capabilities are really useful to set quotas and plan staffing levels across our sales teams.

Fred Sanders Vice President of Global Revenue & Sales Operations, OneSource Virtual

Strategic Marketer

Funnelcast gives us a sanity check on how realistic or unrealistic our plan is and tells us what we need to do differently to achieve the desired outcome. I wouldn’t want to do quota or staff planning without Funnelcast’s insights.

John Wilson CRO / Secure Code Warrior

A System to Set Attainable Goals, Not Analyze the Past

Still waiting for slow, flawed analytics from last quarter to set your growth goals? Speed things up with a highly predictable, forward-looking approach.

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